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The “Mercy” program. The most important area of work at organization "Mercy" of the Republic of Tatarstan is rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy.

Project purpose: attraction of financial resources that will provide children with a cerebral palsy the regular rehabilitation courses directed to improve the state of health of a child with disability. Systematic exercising, massage, aqua rehabilitation courses and appointments with speech therapists help to avoid the hardest complications in a condition of the child and also they help to achieve considerable progress in restoration of the lost functions. It is important to understand that the earlier rehabilitation of the child begins, the more productive it will be. Unfortunately, the lack of regular treatment can give boomerang effect - kickback. The state provided children with a cerebral palsy with two free rehabilitation courses for 20 days, but, in fact, the child receives only 1 course a year due to long lines. Children have to receive treatment at least quarterly to prevent contractures, a muscle spasticity. 


Телефон и E-mail

Тел.: 8 (8555) 40 48 38

Тел.:+7 (986) 920 08 40

E-mail: info@mercy-rt.com


​Юридический адрес: 423570 РТ, г. Нижнекамск, ул.Вокзальная, д. 22 пом.3

Фактический адрес: 423570 РТ, г. Нижнекамск, ул. Заводская, д. 2 офис 206 А

ОГРН: 1181690097973, ИНН: 1651083633, КПП: 165101001 

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