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Specialized wheelchair for Stanislav Matveev


Our young organization already has first big progress. Thanks to the help of sympathetic people we could buy the specialized «SWEETY» wheelchair for a 13-year old Stanislav Matveev with a severe form of a cerebral palsy.

He and his mother, Svetlana already tested our gift, and here are the features that were noticed by Svetlana:

This wheelchair is developed especially for children with a cerebral palsy. It is equipped with adjustment of a corner of a back, reliable three-point clamps of the head, shoulders and hips, a standing brake, and the front limiter for more safety. Loading capacity - 60 kg, and growth is calculated about 160 cm that allows to use this equipment many years, both indoors and outdoors.

We also got a letter from Matveev family:


It was nice to hear such pleasant words. We are very glad that you could help Stanislav.

In turn on behalf of public organization and Matveev' family our gratitude is expressed to all numerous sponsors. Thank you for responding to our request and helping this wonderful boy. We hope that together we will be able to make happy not one such family.


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