RPODP «Mercy» RT/Project "Equipment for children with disabilities"

A child with disability demands not only special knowledge and care, but also special equipment for development, rehabilitation, games and just  everyday life. The cost of such equipment is beyond far the budget of the family with the child with a cerebral palsy. For this reason our organization developed this program so children with disabilities will be able to receive technical means of rehabilitation that necessary for them on a grant basis.

Project purpose: providing the specialized equipment for the children who have a cerebral palsy and other diseases connected with dysfunction of body movements. Getting courses of treatment and rehabilitation is a very important part on the way to recovery, but also it is important to support and be engaged with a child at home. For this reason the most part of the specialized equipment is directed to rehabilitation of a child at home, and another part is focused on providing more comfortable conditions for life. We hope that via sympathetic philanthropists we will be able to help larger number of children.


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E-mail: info@mercy-rt.com


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