RPODP «Mercy» RT/Project "Furniture for children with disabilities"

Chairs and tables with fixing mechanisms, support and control devices help children with a cerebral palsy to support symmetric position of a body and to distribute weight evenly.

Reliable steady furniture is extremely important for the children. Many parents also evaluated comfort and advantage of such furniture as they understand that the convenience is a part of recovery of the child.

Tables, chairs and devices for support with different extent of fixing, inclinations and the adjustable sizes are made from environmentally friendly materials. Furniture is made for children with disabilities from 1 to 18 years. The multifunctionality of special chairs and tables allows the children to be engaged or eat food while sitting or standing.

Health of children with limited opportunities entirely depends on us, adults. The result depends on degree of how much we provide support in rehabilitation of the child.


Телефон и E-mail

Тел.: 8 (8555) 40 48 38

Тел.:+7 (986) 920 08 40

E-mail: info@mercy-rt.com


​Юридический адрес: 423570 РТ, г. Нижнекамск, ул.Вокзальная, д. 22 пом.3

Фактический адрес: 423570 РТ, г. Нижнекамск, ул. Заводская, д. 2 офис 206 А

ОГРН: 1181690097973, ИНН: 1651083633, КПП: 165101001 

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